How To Get 20,000 Likes On Facebook Page Free For Your Brand

how to get 20,000 likes on facebook page | free for your brand

Likes On Facebook Page ,Building a unique brand image with a Facebook page is big business, you definitely need one to thrive, A boutique or a huge retailer. Facebook is a social media powerhouse. If your company doesn’t have a lively Facebook page, you are hindering your own sales potential.

People use Facebook pages to look for information, like store hours or promotions, as well as for entertainment. The best pages find a way to combine fun and entertainment with all the serious business of being a business – like customer service, disseminating information and tips, and of course, getting great feedback from customers.

How do you measure the success of a Facebook page? With user engagement signals, such as facebook likes, shares, and comments. Every time someone sees that a friend has liked something a page posted, or better yet, has shared it, that page has another potential follower. By creating amazing content and engaging Facebook followers with gusto, a company-run page can stimulate new facebook likes every day. And those likes translate into customers; real life sales for that business.

Facebook pages

With new Facebook pages, you are already going to be knee-deep in competition. Facebook Likes can be created organically, but that will take time – and if you are about to start a social media campaign, you may not have the time to waste. If you are eager to get into the game fast, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help. buy Facebook likes makes a Facebook page look more appealing, and your content more popular, which in turn attracts authentic followers. It’s an easy way to grow your social media presence.

Boosting your Facebook likes now will get your page’s foot in the door, while creating and smartly sharing great content will help attract even more facebook likes. Here are plenty of ways to attract free facebook likes – you can even get 100 free facebook likes from us – here are basic things to try:

Share Interesting, Useful, or Entertaining Content
If something you post falls into one the above categories, people are more likely to click on it. Keep in mind that users are more likely to engage with something other than a text post – so share videos, photos, articles, and memes ,Likes On Facebook Page.

Embed Your Facebook Content Elsewhere
Facebook allows you to embed your content into other sites, like your blog. Simply grab the embed code and paste it in. This will get your content in front of a different set of eyes and attract more facebook likes.

Host Give Aways
Attract customers, encourage sharing, and show off your new product all at once by doing a give away.

Engage, Engage, Engage!
Ask questions. Address customer concerns. Start conversations. Don’t let your Facebook page lay fallow.

1. Don’t Post Too Often

This one is a common trap. You set up a Facebook page and start gaining fans, but then you get it in your head that now that you have a channel and community you must constantly feed them content. No!  Never post just for the sake of posting. There is no magic number for how many times to post in a week, but I very rarely recommend more than once a day – unless you have content that requires timely delivery and is of interest to the majority of your community. You rarely lose fans for not posting content, but you can lose fans (or have your posts hidden by fans) if you’re posting too often. Additionally, the more posts you put up, the less engagement you may get – which will affect your Rank.

2. Post Engaging Content

This one is a pretty big no-brainer. The better and more engaging your content is, the more interaction you’re going to get and the better your EdgeRank will be, which means more people will see the post. Keep track of how all your posts perform and pretty soon you’ll know what content your community finds engaging. Then post more like that.

3. Ask People to Share your Page/Competition/Post

This one is also a little cheesy, but it can work. If you want something, ask for it. Plenty of businesses routinely add in a “share to _ “Like if you agree” or simply just ask their fans to Like, comment on and share their posts. It may seem a little desperate at times, but it gets results.

4. Be Funny

Nothing gets engagement like a funny post, photo or video. Try to be funny (without trying too hard) and you’ll find that your engagement will increase and thus so will your Rank! Voila, your Facebook posts are suddenly much more visible!

5. Facebook Offers

Facebook offers are a great way to get exposure for your Facebook page and your business AND generate sales. If you’ve got a great deal, consider promoting it via a Facebook offer – it’s easy for fans to redeem and when they do, they send a nice viral message into the news feeds of their friends. You can also promote this via a Facebook ad campaign to get even more exposure ,Likes On Facebook Page.

6. Surprise and Delight

Social media lends itself really well to surprise and delight tactics, because people love sharing things that are really positive, surprising and/or delightful. Do something out of the ordinary – donate a bucket load of money to a local charity, post a story about saving the baby bird that fell out of the tree outside your business, post a video of something whacky that happened in your shop… just do something that will make your fans (and their friends) go “wow,” “awww,” “holy moley!” or a similar response. You’ll get loads of engagement and your EdgeRank will love you for it.

7. Keep it Short

This one is an easy one. Try to keep your text posts short. Posts between 100-250 characters get 60% more Likes, comments and shares than longer posts. People just don’t want to read much anymore!

8. Be Targeted

Likes On Facebook Page ,Does your Facebook community come from all over the globe? Do you have a promotion relevant just to one country, state or city? What about something targeted only to, or to younger people, or older people? Facebook allows you to target posts by gender, relationship status, educational status, “interested in,” age and language. So if you have posts that are meant for only a specific segment of your audience, target them.

That way you’re not boring or (even worse) annoying the rest of your community and you’ll see better engagement in terms of the percentage of people who have seen the post. Targeting fewer people may seem contrary to the goal of getting more visibility, but your Rank will be better if you’re sending more relevant messages out to people, which will make it more likely your messages will keep appearing to your fans!

9. Facebook Offers

Facebook offers are a great way to get exposure for your Facebook page and your business AND generate sales. If you’ve got a great deal, consider promoting it via a Facebook offer – it’s easy for fans to redeem and when they do, they send a nice viral message into the news feeds of their friends. You can also promote this via a Facebook ad campaign to get even more exposure.

10. Inspirational Quotes and Images

One of the best ways to get engagement (depending on your audience) is to post an inspirational quote or image. Preferably, this relates somehow to your business (e.g., exercise-related quotes and images for gyms and personal trainers). Facebook users eat this stuff up, so if it fits in with your brand personality,do it ,Likes On Facebook Page.

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