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$ 8.32$ 60.00

-Start Time: 24 – 72 hours (May Overloaded And Waiting List)
-Speed: Up to 500k/ day (Server Daily Speed different)
-No Refill No Cancel Once Started

-Mentions Custom List = username (Without @)

-Enter your Instagram post link, then enter 1,000 individual users you want to tag onto that post. They will then be tagged onto your post. This is the best marketing method on Instagram because you can target a specific audience from a similar/competitor account 🙂



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Buy Instagram Custom Mentions now and start getting engagements.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Custom Mentions?
Instagram Custon Mentions are one of two main ways a user can engage with the content they see. Although liking is also crucial, custom mentions are a unique, and a more active form of engagement and require more effort. Instagram marketers, brands, and influencers are generally the ones who make use of the comment section as an engagement and feedback source since comments are more relevant. If you also need Custom Mentions for your Instagram posts, you can use our Buy Instagram Custom Mentions.

Buy Instagram Custom Mentions

Buying custom mentions is useful to make your posts look popular. People tend to take a closer look at the posts full of custom mentions compared to photos with no mentions. So when you have custom mentions under your posts, that will attract many people. Some of them will keep the attraction going by liking or making comments, and perhaps some of them will follow you, just because you give the impression that you are already popular. So, by buying only one product from us, chances are high to receive organic likes, comments, and followers. As a result, your profile will be more active than ever before.

Buy Instagram Custom Mentions

What Benefit You Will Get From Plugviews?

You’ll Get Real Custom Mentions Worldwide.
Available Lifetime Guarantee Option.
None drop custom mentions
Super Fast Delivery.
No Passwords Required.
Customer Support 24/7.
Guarantee in 10 Days.

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10000 Instagram Custom Mentions $60, 2000 Instagram Custom Mentions $8.32, 3000 Instagram Custom Mentions $9.48, 4000 Instagram Custom Mentions $12.64, 5000 Instagram Custom Mentions $15.8, 6000 Instagram Custom Mentions $18.96, 7000 Instagram Custom Mentions $20, 8000 Instagram Custom Mentions $30, 9000 Instagram Custom Mentions $40

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  1. Billy and Mandy

    Thanks for the time frame of delivery can please add targeted countries? i really love your service and support

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