What Are The 14 Benefits Of Paid Advertising?

the 14 Benefits of Paid Advertising | Advantages on ads

Benefits Of Paid Advertising ,Google remains the largest digital Paid Advertising company in search engine optimization and content marketing ,Online paid advertising is a rewarding method for bringing in traffic to your website and rallying leads. To put online paid advertising into action, check out this explanation and guide through paid advertising basics.

Facebook comes second, with $67.37 billion in net ad spending.

When it comes to paid social media ads, Facebook dominates the market worldwide by accounting for more than 65% of the total ad spend (Smart Insights, 2019). LinkedIn is used by 94% of B2B marketers (Content Marketing Institute, 2018). Twitter is used by 84% of B2B marketers (Content Marketing Institute, 2018)

Facebook has 6 million active advertisers. (Statista, 2019)

Twitter ads are 11% more effective than TV ads during live events (Hootsuite, 2019)

With such high usage of paid advertising by marketers across the globe, you should really consider the online paid advertising space.

What is paid advertising?

Benefits Of Paid Advertising ,we have previously written about free and paid online advertising. Paid advertising typically has a cost associated with it. Examples of paid advertising include online partnerships, website takeovers and PPC campaigns (search and social media).

Most people understand paid advertising as pay-per-click (PPC). PPC includes Google AdWords, Facebook and Twitter advertising among other social and digital platforms.

The 14 benefits of paid advertising

1. Organic reach on social media is down. Paid gives you fast results.

According to HubSpot (2019), studies indicates that Facebook users are now only seeing 2% of organic pages they follow on their feed. Typically, organic content on social media is used for branding or creating brand awareness.

With paid advertising, you are guaranteed reach and can utilise your content to elevate your brand with specific targeting and obtain more qualified leads. If your website is not ranking on the first page of Google results for a search query, then paid advertising enables you to place ads for keywords and bring in high quality traffic to your website without the work and time investment search engine optimisation involves.

2. Ads are very affordable and measurable

When you are running paid advertising campaigns, you are able to reach a very broad and large audience. Costs related to paid advertising are dependent on the objective or type of ad you are running.  For example, if your objective is website traffic then you will incur a cost-per-click (CPC), or if your aim is brand awareness you will incur a CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions).

Ads can be created in mere minutes and there are many tools that help you to create the necessary images at a very little or no cost at all. You can also keep track of the money you have spent on all paid ad platforms from Google, to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn advertising. You can set daily budgets and total budgets for campaigns so that you never over-spend.

3. Specific and granular targeting are available

Paid targeting can be very specific and allows you to reach relevant visitors who are interested in your brand and fit the demographics of your sales personas. Take a look at your analytics across all your digital platforms and analyse your audience to identify common factors such as keywords, locations, demographics, job titles, interests and common topics. You can use all of this information to refine your paid campaign targeting and net in more qualified leads, and thus increase conversions.

Once a visitor has browsed your website or clicked through an ad, you can run a retargeting campaign to continuously engage prospects who have shown an interest in your product or service. By doing so, you are constantly in the back of the mind of your potential customers.

4. Broadcast your message across multiple platforms

There is a plethora of platforms to broadcast your brand and unique messaging across. You can make use of display banners on the Google Display Network or simply have text ads appear above people’s searches on Google. Today, nearly all the social media platforms have paid advertising available, which includes:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Reddit

There are so many options for you to choose from and a variety of different campaigns to suit your every need when considering paid advertising. When conducting audience research, find out what digital platforms your primary target audience is using. Identify the platforms that have paid advertising available, and then you are on your way to paid advertising glory.

This is why paid advertising is the next natural step for your sales and marketing funnel. There are many possibilities, platforms, and types of campaigns to choose from. You can tailor your brand and message in any way you see fit and consistently test to see what works and does not. Eventually, you will strike gold and find yourself with more quality leads and conversions as a result.

5. Traffic is Consistent and Immediate

New marketers need to know the secrets to bring in traffic to websites within the month or sooner. This quick-reward system is where paid search shines best. Yet, other than immediate traffic results, it should be consistent too.

Traffic with huge lulls or unexpected spikes is not good for business. If the traffic to your website is inconsistent, there’s a big possibility for it to close down or die. After all, you can only support your online presence for so long.

A smart way to put out more awareness for it is to start paid advertising on social media. Paid searches on search engines will also bring your traffic up. They put your sponsored ads up at the top of the results, which can encourage more visitors.

6. More Reach

Digital marketing strategies work best when you use popular channels and platforms. These are the likes of Google, the top search engine on the internet. It’s the same with advertising on Facebook, the largest social networking site in the world.

Over 1.17 billion people use Google to search online. When you have paid ads on a search engine as big as Google, you have a billion potential visitors. Google’s search results page isn’t the only place where your sponsored ads will come up too.

Google amassed a network of other websites to display Google’s paid ads for them. Notice the ads on websites like the New York Times next time you’re reading an article on it. Google’s reach extends further than most people expect, so businesses who advertise through it benefit a lot.

7. Allow for Quick Execution

This one is an advantage of SEM vs SEO. Search engine marketing allows you to see results within a short amount of timeframe. Paid search allows your page to come up right away when people search for targeted keywords.

Simple search engine optimization strategies can take months before you become noticeable. SEO strategies may get you free traffic from search engines. Yet, this kind of visibility takes not only time, but some effort from you also.

Even the setup time for SEM is quicker than SEO. It can only take you a few hours to set an effective paid search campaign up and get it running. There will be no need for creative assets or scheduled posts.

Remember that SEM campaigns need care in the long term. They might be quick to set up, but you must track them often. The performance of SEM campaigns relies on observation and optimization.

8. Better Branding

When you have paid search ads at the top of the search engine results page, you build a reputation. With organic ranking, search engines often rank pages on their relevance and quality. By now, most people know that the top results are the most relevant to their searches.

What they don’t notice is that sometimes the top results are in fact sponsored ads. In this way, your business reputation gets built up as well as your brand. According to Google, AdWords increase brand awareness an average of 80%.

It’s not only organic rankings that have requirements for trustworthiness and relevance. Search engines also have standards and set factors for paid rankings. This is how they build their own reputation as a fair and reliable search engine after all.

9. Analytics and Results Are Easy to Measure

Do you want to be able to track the effectiveness of your search campaigns? Google Ads has Google Analytics to help you with that. Use Google Analytics to measure the results for each ad, each keyword, and even each user.

With these results, you can measure your returns. This is one advantage of paid search against hard-to-measure organic traffic. Also, the tools for paid search campaigns are better.

Google Ads isn’t the only one that has an analytics interface. Other channels for paid search advertising also have this feature. Sites with paid advertising also have ad analytics features like LinkedIn and Facebook.

10. You Have Full Control Over Optimizations

Do you want to know another thing that makes paid search marketing valuable? Flexibility to make optimizations. With paid ads, you can control keywords, ad copy, and more.

If you want to use a certain landing page for the ad, these optimizations allow that. Want to extend the timeframe for your ad? Flexible optimization options will let you do that.

Your campaign manager will be able to determine what works and what doesn’t. It bases its choices on the data in your account. Google Ads have many different A/B testing options you can always experiment with.

Facebook Ad campaigns have a detailed targeting feature. They let you choose to promote to users who belong to specific demographics, have certain interests, or behaviors. Many other advertising channels will have similar flexible targeting features too.

11. Geo-Targeting and Ad Scheduling

This includes more specific forms of controlling or optimizing your ad settings. Geo-targeting is great for selecting users who are in a specific location in the country or the world. They work well with businesses that have a local shop or store.

Ad scheduling is more time-based than space or area-based. With ad scheduling, advertisers can schedule when their ads will come up on the pages of people. You can choose to have your ads appear on certain days and hours.

This works well with ad campaigns for businesses like pizza places, salons, and more. Let’s say for example you owned a veterinary clinic in Chicago. You want your ads to come out in the devices located within or around the city during your clinic hours.

Making good use of these two settings will help you save money. Also, it will help you target consumers when and where they are most responsive. You can also run these ads during your Live Chat hours.

When Google’s Local Services Ads are present, 25.3% of clicks are on paid results. When LSAs are absent, the clicks on paid results go down to 14.6%.

LSAs give click-throughs on paid results a difference of 10.7%.

12. There is Continuous Improvement

Google and other advertising channels are always updating their tools for their users. They add more targeting options and advertising tools to make ad campaigns more customizable for each business owner. You get to use and create more techniques to promote your products.

Retargeting and remarketing are examples of techniques to better target customers. When you find out more about your target user, you can improve your approaches. The better you know who your customers are and what they want, the easier it will be for you to communicate with them.

This also applies to SEO and SEM. Like SEO, your PPC campaigns will improve the more experiences you gain. The further you get with SEM and the more knowledge you gain, the better you will be at optimizing and using it.

13. Use a Variety of Platforms to Advertise

Before digital marketing, people used this same benefit with other channels. They advertised through the radio, TV, and newspapers. Now that more people spend time on the internet, it’s only fair to move the advertising business online as well.

Paid traffic allows you to choose where to advertise to reach a specific audience. You get to choose between Google, social media sites, and more. This is useful if you know where most of your audience spend their time in.

14. People Who Click on Paid Search Ads Are Ready to Buy

You can often get high conversions with paid search ads. This is because those who click on your PPC are those who are looking to buy your product or service. People often look up something on the internet because they have future plans on buying it.

If people were only browsing to pass the time, they wouldn’t often search for specific queries. Paid search ads target specific queries and keywords. Make use of this behavior to gain traffic and secure conversions.

You don’t always need to have the flashiest ads. The important thing is to offer brief but complete details about your product or service. Some people find that brevity and simplicity show an honest, well-intended salesman.

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